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Issues to anticipate!

It is always worth being aware of the following potential issues, especially for those new to giving tuition: Your student find it difficult to explain exactly what it is that they find so challenging about their subject. This will make them feel awkward and unsure about the part they are able to play in the tutorial. If a student is clearly having trouble expressing themselves, avoid the kind of why questions that add additional pressure and instead figure out other methods to discover their personal trials and tribulations. Your student will likely try to procrastinate, especially during the first lesson when they don't know you and are unsure what you expect of them. Demonstrate your empathy and where possible encourage their opinions to build their confidence. Your student might feel you are judging them. This is more likely with the younger age-group and definitely something to be aware of as it can make your student feel nervous and affect their performance. Bear in mind that many of your students have probably never had a one-to-one lesson before, and so might be unsure of how to work alongside a tutor.
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